Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow Don't Stop Me Now!

So, it was Tuesday. My only day of the week I look forward to on a consistent basis. My night out on another town. But the snow was still falling, the roads were still covered, and it was getting colder. No, I'm not going out. Not worth it. So, it's 10pm and I don't know where my children are because if I have them I am unaware of their existence. Anyway, I'm chilling thinking I made the right decision but I was obsessed with the idea that I was missing out on something by not going out to the Mad Hatter. So at 10 thirty I went out.

The roads were somewhat dicey but not so bad that it didn't stop SUVs from tailgating me. I figured the Mad Hatter would not be too crowded but I had parked farther away than at any other time.

It wasn't too crowded, some of my buddies were there so I was enjoying myself, but my voice is still raspy, going on 6 weeks now.

I gave it a shot. First song was ELO's "Evil Woman" I have only done it once before because the version I did wasn't complete and the music for the disk wasn't good. This one was good, so it went well except for the falsettos that was embedded in the verses. The chorus I had no problem with though. Anyway, the video I have attached is primo, vintage ELO.

The second song was one I used to do a lot in Seattle. I'm a big Wings fan. I know, lame ass Paul McCartney. Yet he rocked on many a song and one of the best was "Junior's Farm". It has kick ass guitar work courtesy of the late Jimmy McCullough. My voice handled most of the song well except for the ending wail like vocals. One video is cool vintage with a raw version, the other one is from some variety show.

So, it was time to do a song I haven't done before. I like Pete Townsend's solo songs but hardly any are available in karaoke. I really would have like to have done "Rough Boys" because of the gay overtones, plus it rocks. Instead I did "Let My Love Open The Door" from the same album Empty Glasses. Even though Roger Daltry was a better singer, I have a harder time doing Pete Townsend sung songs. He's got a weird nasal tenor quality to his vocals. So, it wasn't as good as I would hope. Anyway, here's the vintage clip from 1981 featuring the bass player from Big Country.

So, it's 1990-91, and there was a bit of a lull in the POP-u-lar music scene. It looked like that the Manchester scene was going to be the third British Invasion. Bands like the Stone Roses, Soup Dragons, Happy Mondays looked like they were ready.I love these songs from the Manchester scene. Just enough psychedelia mixed with new wave to make it seem new. The alternative stations were playing them but when Nirvana and the Seattle scene arrived and not much came of the Manchester scene outside of England. Before they became foils for Oasis, Blur had a minor hit in 1991 with "There's No Other Way". I do the song alright, most people don't know it but I don't care. They have two videos that give a different interpretation and look. I like the one at the kitchen table with the early Byrds like haircuts.

I got one more chance to sing and it was the Pretenders. I love the Pretenders but there isn't many of their kick ass early songs on karaoke. "Brass In The Pocket" is lame enough for Chrissie Hynde to all but disown it. My favorite song from the Pete Farndon, James Honeyman-Scott days is "Message Of Love". the version that was available was not very good though. It's guitar didn't ring with a twang sound that is in the original. I was disappointed in my performance. My voice was nearly gone. But I'm more disappointed that I couldn't find the official video. Still, this clip is from the era and it has Chrissie without the guitar in her way. I thought she was sexy in the day.

Oh, sorry that I had to do links but my computer still has issues. Maybe next week.

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