Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Almost Back.

...My voice that is, but it doesn't mean I did any better when I went to Mad Hatters Tuesday night. It wasn't that interesting. sometimes it's dull. My weird pals were there, and the eye candy was alright but they were a bit on the young side. My song selection wasn't very inspired other than the fact I had a textbook way of doing the songs Tuesday.

The first song I did was one I had not done before. It's getting harder to do that these days without resorting to songs that I have no business doing. But there is a song by the Screaming Trees that pops up on my Ipod and I wondered if it was possible that my man had it in his karaoke book. Sure enough, the song "All I Know" from the album Dust was there. Now, I'm a baritone and Mark Lenegan, lead singer is a baritone but his is damn close to a bass. I can't do bass, so my interpretation was lacking, weak, definitely boring. Still, I like throwing out the songs that would never get done otherwise. The clip is from some show, some where, I know not where, but it's cooler than the official video and features Josh Homme. Yet another of the Seattle bands that was almost a plague in the early 90's.

The second song continues my goal to do 80's songs which I avoid because the decade wasn't my cup of tea for music. I chose a song that borders on being a novelty. Wall Of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" was a funny song from 1982. Funny lyrics along with an eccentric approach to the vocals made it fun to do even though it doesn't show off my skills. I still can't do the BBBBBBBBBBBBB part. Another problem is that the crowd was too young to appreciate the song. I love the video.

The third song was one I've sang a few times. I wanted to see how recovered my voice was when I did "Hold Your Head Up" by Argent. A song that sounds nothing like a former member of the Zombies would put out. I was almost able to to hit the tenor highs. It's another song the crowd didn't know but the crowd are too 80's and 90's pop oriented to appreciate classic rock, oh well. Two clips I present are interesting to me. The first one is Argent on the Midnight Special in 1973. It's fun to see John Denver introduce them. The second video clip is a bunch of images of the band Mother Love Band (AKA 40% of Pearl Jam). The lead singer Andrew Wood was slated to be a big star when he died of a heroin overdose in 1990. There's a lot of Mother Love Bone material out there including a cover of "Hold Your Head Up." The video is a bunch of stills that makes me nostalgic for the days when Seattle mattered. It does a good job doing the Seattle Scene Tree connecting Andrew Wood with everyone.

It was getting crowded so when it came time to sing again it was "Go To Song" time. That means T-Rex, and that means "20th Century Boy." That means it wasn't an exciting night, it means I needed a Windmill burger, it means good night.

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