Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Invasion....

So, it comes to the time to go out to my karaoke bar Tuesday night. Except that it was taken over by another group of people that I didn't know. Took over half the bar and half the playlist. Some of them were okay at singing, most of them not.

Anyway, this only gave me an opportunity to sing three times. That's actually what I feel the perfect amount of times to sing. you get to sing enough to establish a trend but you don't wear out your welcome "Oh, HIM again!" It was a good night for my singing but I kept thinking how fat I felt.

Don't ask.

So, like any karaoke junkie, I had a few slips with songs in my wallet. I do this so I don't waste time looking for the "perfect" song.

One slip had an obscure Steely Dan song I had never sung before and certainly never heard anyone else sing it. The song "Midnight Cruiser" is one of the few songs by Steely Dan not sung by Donald Fagen. It's not as jazzy as later Steely Dan, but it's a nice little number. I fumbled a little when the first verse blended into the chorus. Anyway, I have two versions of the song. The original using stills and a version they did in concert in the 90's with Walter Becker on vocals. He was not the singer on the original, which should be apparent. I did batter than this version. That ain't saying much though.

Sorry about the lame links. For some reason the picture doesn't want to go on my blog the way it used to. I though it was because I was in Firefox 2. I'm back in Firefox 3, same problem.


live 96

The second song I did is one I should do more often. I'm strong on Rolling Stones songs and one of the better one is "Miss You" from 1978. It's hard to believe it's been 30 plus years since this "late" period Stones song came out. I love the song, it's raunchy in that 70's New York City way. Great groove. The crowd was into the song and I did it well. The highlight of my evening. The video clip is one the Stones did in those days. Simple soundstage, the band milling about miming to the music but I believe Mick is singing live.

Here it is

The third and final song was a two fer. It doesn't mention Harlem like the other two, which would have giving me a theme. Instead it's about sugar, coffee, and mother nature with a makeover. I'm talking about the Guess Who's "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature". It's has a good build up to a mid tempo chorus. It shifts into a new song that makes the song seem epic but then combines the two at the end. I did it only once before and flubbed it, This time I did it quite well, but no one cared, except for the old guy. I guess I need to do some Jonas Brothers to get the girls.

Here's a video from the 80's

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