Thursday, October 02, 2008

Recent Karaoke Songs I Did (No Theme)

I love doing my karaoke. I compare it to my dad doing his bagpipes and my mom doing her dancing. Or maybe guys playing poker. It's something I enjoy doing when I have days off.

Anyway, I'm enjoying it more these days. I guess it's because I know not many people have the time to have the fun I have. Too busy working or raising a family. I wish I was, but there you have it.

Anyway, these are the videos for the songs I did the last few days.

"Rock your Baby" by George McCrae
George Mc Crae-Rock Your Baby

This is a song I do pretty well, surprisingly. this song was brought to you courtesey of KC of the Sunshine Band. I love the dancers in this clip. I'm not sure if it's a promo or a clip from a show that's not Soul Train.

"New World Man" by Rush (The Canadian Band)

I like Rush, not a lot. I can't sing pretty much any Rush song. This one's an exception. Geddy Lee isn't in squeak voice form in it. The clip is from the mid 80's with Geddy Lee in full mullet glory and Alex Lifeson in a pair of chef pants. I don't know why Neil Peart is wearing a clip-on pony tail but he's a hell of a drummer eh?

"Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" by the Hollies
I've loved this song since I was a kid. I love other Hollies songs but this is the rocker. A crowd pleaser. This clip is one I thought couldn't possibly exist. The lead singer left the band before the song was released. To think, they had the foresite to make a promo clip. It's average, interesting for its nostalgia.

"Easy To Be Hard" by Three Dog Night

Speaking of nostalgia, nothing evokes the late 60's and 70's like Three Dog Night doing a song from the play "Hair". I love the beginning with the cars crashing into each other in anger. Love the bumper stickers that wouldn't stay on a car for more than five minutes.

I love Three Dog Night.

"How Sweet It Is" James Taylor

Like Patty Smith, my favorite songs from James Taylor are his cover songs. This time he covers a Motown classic that I fell is a little better. His nasal delivery gives it a charm I think is lacking in Marvin Gaye's version. I know, sacrilige. Anyway, I found a vintage clip from the time he was first staring to lose his hair. Hmm, I wonder how many toupees can be made from the bassist's beard?

"Mama We're All Krazee Now" Slade

I love Slade. I like to bring this song out and find a cool clip to put on the blog. I did the worst version of the song but the college kids liked it. No wonder they listen to the crap put out these days. the clip seems live and not a mime performance from Europe of course.

And there you are...

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