Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rain, Rain Rain...I don't mind

Tuesday Karaoke Night. It's been sunny every day recently so what's the theme for this night?


The first song I did was "Rain" by the Beatles. The crowd was indifferent. It's a fun song to do because at the end of the song, the closing is sung backwards. The words on the screen reflects this. Anyway, check it out there's a Beatles video, how cool is that? And whatt happened to Paul's teeth?

The second song was "Rain Song" from the Led Zeppelin. I don't like this song too much but hey I gotta keep with the theme right? Anyway, I wasn't good, I got bored but hey, check out this clip for the Earl's Court concert from 1975. Pretty awesome because it's not available for sale. This song wasn't on the Led Zeppelin DVD.

Led Zeppelin - Rain Song - Earls Court 1975

The next one I did was the Who's "Love Reign On Me" Even though the reign is a different spelling, it counts because the song has a rain sound opening. Anyway, I did this well and had someone join me. I put up with it because my voice wasn't that good. Anyway the video is from the 1982 Who tour.

The Who - Love Reign O'er Me, Seattle 1982

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