Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't Harsh My Buzz, Man!

So, it's Tuesday. A beautiful day to boot!

Beach Time! Time to go to Gunnison Beach! Better get the bike and ride down to Sandy Hook. That means taking the shortcut down a road that is closed to car traffic.

CAR traffic. The road was for all traffic until a recent storm made it "necessary" to close Bayside Drive for only "local" traffic. The road itself is intact, a little rough and at times it's a one lane road. the only thing preventing a car from going through all the way to the town of Highlands is a road guard that says "road closed".

Bayside Drive features many houses on valuable property but with houses in various conditions. Many are in the process of being massively renovated with heavy machinery all over the place. I like to ride this road because it is safer than rt 36 and much more scenic. The hot days are enjoyable because the trees provide very good shade. I ride my bike to the "Road Closed" barrier, lift the chain and I'm on my way to Sandy Hook.

Well, today an old man decided that I needed to be informed that I can't go any farther, that the road is closed up ahead. Um, here's the thing, there was a sign on my way down that said the road was closed to all but local traffic, I'M local traffic. I also have the ability to get through the barrier without interfering with their lifestyle.

I'm sorry, does it offend you that I use this public road as a safe short cut?

Did it ruin your plans to stop people from having an alternate route?

Do you think I need to pay a toll to use this public road with my bicycle?

Sigh, anyway that was annoying. I think he thought he was giving me advice, hoping I would listen and not figure out the shortcut. Too late I accidentally discovered it in the winter on a long walk.

While I was pondering his intentions I get to Highlands where I did my usual routine of cutting through a parking lot. Sometimes I make a left turn but the road kind of goes through this condominium parking lot from one entrance to the other one that enters the main road of Highlands. Anyway I'm breezing by when a car comes darting in quickly into the parking lot. I spotted him so it was not biggie.

However, The man behind the wheel, a guy who looked like a balding Ralph Lauren felt the need to tell me that I should not cut through there because it was private property.

Private property? This was a small condo complex with about twenty units. The apartments are out there for all to see from the public streets. No fences, no gates. You lose the privilege of private property grievances if I can see you naked at your back door from the main road. I constantly see fat old men trying to get a sunburn without my looking for it.

There is a "No trespassing" sign but it's really intended for those who take the ferry into the city not to take any of their parking spaces. A problem in the town, I imagine. Still, can you blame someone who thinks he can park in a lot that says "Ferry Landing" A parking lot is not private property! I understand the need to prevent cars from cutting through but bicycles? Does he do this to people who walk through. Maybe if he wasn't barrelling through at 30 mph, he wouldn't care about what I was doing.

The funny thing is he said I wasn't breaking the law. Well, I said "That's right I'm not breaking the law!" and went about my merry way.

What an asshole. I'm not interfering with your life, stop violating my freedom, man.

Oh, well. Speaking of freedom, it was time to exercise my naked freedom on Gunnison Beach. It was quite a nice day, with some fine scenery.

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