Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Karaoke Theme: Morbid Coincidences, or is it Irony?

I've mentioned that Karaoke Steve got some new Beatles karaoke CDs that have some of their more obscure songs. One of them was "Happiness Is A Warm Gun". So there's the theme.

Songs that point out something that would lead to the death of the singer of the song. "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" is an obvious choice since John Lennon would be gunned down twelve years later. The song is a play on the Peanuts book title "Happiness Is a Warm Puppy" and gun toting lunatics. It's a weird song with five distinctly different sections. I did okay with the song, my voice was strong. There was no video clip of the song. They never played it in concert, neither did Lennon in his solo career. So the clip is a series of photographs. Usually I find that lame but the photos are great. They were taken during a photo session from that same time period, so it works. The photos are outstanding.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Rare Version)

The second song was by Nirvana "Come As You Are". Another obvious choice with the refrain "No I Don't Have A Gun..." that every Nirvana fan would note when his body was found, a victim of a self inflicted gunshot wound. It's one of about three Nirvana songs I do. I do it well, the crowd is into it. yay. The clip I have is an excellent concert clip from the early 90's. He was in top form, and dude! is that the lead singer of the Foo Fighters on drums?


The third song was the T-Rex song, "Jeepster". "Jeepster" is about the joy of being with a woman who's just like a car. Double irony, there. You see Marc Bolan wrote a lot about the joy of driving cars. He never learned to drive. Even weirder, his girlfriend was the one behind the wheel when they crash a car into a tree killing Bolan. "Jeepster" is a fun song to sing, most T-Rex songs are fun to sing. I pleased the host by doing one of the songs no one else does. This got a good response. The video clip is T-Rex in concert at the top of their game. They look like they are having a blast. The fans sound like Beatle fans or maybe Jonas Brothers fans for any kid who accidentally stumbles on this blog.


I sang one more song not in theme. It was "Theme From Shaft" by the recently deceased Isaac Hayes. Not much singing but the grove was good, and that's what counts.

Right On.

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