Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesdays Fun

Like I have said, Tuesdays are usually my favorite day of the week. Last week was an exception. My car needed a new clutch so I didn't have use of the car and the temperature being in the hundreds made it unpleasant. I also didn't do karaoke so a sad man I was last Tuesday.

Yesterday on the other hand was a much more fun day. It was a beautiful day, so I went to my new favorite beach, Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook. The scenery was better, but the water was a little colder. Afterwards I saw the "Incredible Hulk". Much better than the 2003 movie. It's more action oriented with a more suitable actor, Ed Norton as Bruce Banner. The only two "actors" from the other movie to make an appearance in this one was Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno in more satisfying cameos. It's become fun sport to look for Stan Lee's cameos. This one was essential to the main plot.

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Marvel Productions has gotten its act together. It's a comic geeks dream. The movie features references to several other Marvel characters not in the movie. A cameo by Robert Downey as Tony Stark sets up for future movies. The CGI Hulk looked more real in this movie. They were smart enough to hold back on the effects leaving some mystery. Overall, a fine experience.

Then I did karaoke at Jack's. My voice was flat though. I wanted to challenge myself and I realized by the first song that it would not be a good idea. I started with one of my favorite karaoke songs Tavares' "It Only Takes A Minute" a great soul number from the mid 70's. It'd a good danceable song and I did okay but not nearly as good as other times I've done it. Here's one of those somewhat annoying videos that features visuals that doesn't match the audio. Great song though.


The second song I did was Sniff N The Tears "Driver's Seat" It's a one hit wonder from 1979. I love this song and was excited at the opportunity to sing it. I have sung probably 2000 different songs (no lie) and it gets harder to find a new one I'd like to sing. This is one of them. I wasn't aware of the song until it was in the movie "Boogie Nights". It's a low key song that I had not problem with. The promo video is typical of the late 70's. It's performance clip which I enjoy because in the era of punk and disco it seems ahead of its time. It comes across as early alternative rock along with acts like REM and Husker Du.


The third song I did was the classic kiss off song from the Rolling Stones "It's All Over Now". Even though I'm still bitter about where my life is right now, instead of clinging to Guns and God I cling to karaoke. It didn't work because the karaoke CD was not good, the instruments didn't sound right and some words were wrong. I also hate it when you expect harmonies on the CD and you don't get it.

The footage I linked is from some British show, I guess. I love seeing early Stones when they were considered very dangerous to mainstream culture. Mick Jagger had not yet become the dominant force of the Stones yet. Keith Richards is barely recognisable as a young man. Still, he has those British teeth. I love seeing stuff from the days when musical acts appeared on shows that wasn't American Idol.


The fourth song I sang was Sly and The Family Stone's "Thank You For Let Me Be Myself" The song is one of my favorites. It's a popular song with a famous guitar rift that wasn't heard in the karaoke CD Karaoke Steve had. I found that distracting but still handled the song better than the Rolling Stones song.

The footage I found on YouTube is why I love it. MTV and VH1 had disappointed me in the years they actually HAD music videos about how they had not so good footage of great songs. YouTube fans come through with great footage like this from the Dick Cavett Show in 1970. This is the classic lineup with Sly Stone in a rare state of lucidity. I'm glad Dick Cavett has recently released DVDs of his show. Let me tell you, I wish they had shows where the only thing being promoted is a new hit song.

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE - Thank You (1970)

So a good day until I decided I wanted to drive home. Sure enough, a flat tire.


Third time in less than a year.

In all the years I didn't have a car I was made to feel like an idiot, but with all the money I put into it I wish I was in a position to get rid of it. Maybe when I move back to Seattle next year.

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