Friday, June 27, 2008

Bonus Karaoke

I felt like I needed to expand my forums to doing Karaoke. I'm off three days in a row, Tuesdays Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I only go out on Tuesdays. That's a habit that I've had since I worked at UPS. My parents invited me to go to one of them concerts on the beach at Pt. Pleasant. A priest conducts an orchestra that plays classical music and show tunes. It was kinda fun, a neat way to spend an evening on the beach.

After that I had time to do karaoke at yet another place called Jack's. I did only three songs. I wanted to make up for yesterday but failed again. The problem was the songs I chose. I did Joan Jett's "I hate Myself For Loving You". When I lived in Seattle I had no problem singing songs by females but Seattle is a very tolerant city but I'm nervous about doing it at the Jersey shore. Oh well, the video is from Joan Jett's hey day. A little bit of the big hair but she's still a bad ass.
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - I Hate Myself For Loving You

The second song is one I didn't think Karaoke Steve had. It's the Violent Femmes song "Fat". Everyone likes to do "Add It Up" and "Blister In The Sun". I liked doing songs that are kiss off songs but I screwed up this song because I didn't know it well enough. Anyway, the video is concert footage from the 90's I think. Nothing spectacular.


The last one is one of those songs I didn't know the title of. Sublime's "Doin' Time" is a classic from the 90's. Its' too bad Brad Nowell died of a heroin overdose before the song got big. I can't rap even white guy rap so I wasn't good, man why do I bother? The video is a typical posthumous video involving clips of the deceased intervened with clips of the very live members of the band.


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