Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Walkin' Here!!!!

I am not a big fan of driving. Walking and Biking are my preferred ways of commuting. When you live in a city, especially New York, you can walk freely without incident. However, if you are in the suburbs and you are walking the sidewalks without the required jogging suit it seems to be cause for alarm.

I just moved to a small town close to the Jersey shore. A mere eight blocks from the beach. My apartment complex is three blocks from a 7-Eleven and two blocks from the Post Office. So, I walk to these places to get a little exercise. However, several times, friends who live there have offered rides, on sunny days no less! Today, however took the cake. A stranger, a woman in her fifties, offered me a ride. Maybe because I was wearing a button down shirt, or maybe she thought the puffy clouds in the sky looked threatening, I don't know, but what compels someone to do that? Am I that pathetic looking? Did I look like A male prostitute? I think I look like a serial killer sometimes, so again, what was she thinking?

I am a bit heavy, and I don't make much money, so I like to get my exercise without going through a workout ritual. Hence, I walk to places that are within a mile of where I live. I don't pollute the air, I don't add to traffic, and I get my exercise. So why is this weird? Am I not Mexican enough? We're a fat nation and every community outside of cities built in the last 50 years discourages walking. I just like to walk. Let me walk and stop looking at me like I'm a charity case!

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