Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Bill Clinton, Chris Wallace Fallout

I loved watching how Bill Clinton on Fox News Sunday handled himself. However, as usual the Right Wing Foxmeisters spun it so that Bill Clinton went volcanic when Chris Wallace asked the "legitimate" journalist question:

Chris Wallace: "When we announced that you were going to be on "Fox News Sunday," I got a lot of e-mail from viewers. And I've got to say, I was surprised. Most of them wanted me to ask you this question: Why didn't you do more to put bin Laden and Al Qaida out of business when you were president?"

there are many things wrong with the question and the way it was presented.

1. The agreement with the interview was that it would be 15 minutes and that half (7.5 minutes) of the interview would be about the Clinton Global Initiative and the second half would be about anything else. Wallace asked that particular question a mere 4 minutes into the interview. Was he thinking that Clinton would be more long winded on the previous questions?

2. The question was not based on Chris Wallace's journalist skills but were e-mail from viewers, some journalist. He was merely doing the bidding of right wing Fox devotees who are currently spreading the trendy Republican talking Points of recent weeks trying to implicate Clinton for 9-11, i.e. the ABC "docudrama" "Path To 9-11" which admits it made up the scenarios that occurred on Clinton watch, (probably so they can be fair and balanced instead of presenting facts that would have Bush look a lot worse than Clinton by comparison.)

3. The question itself says that Clinton didn't do enough based on no facts and forgets that Clinton had no authority to kill bin Laden and had no support from the same clown crowd that says he screwed up. The Bush administration is trying to make you forget the U.S.S Cole bombing happened mere weeks before the 2000 election and that the identity of the bombers wasn't made clear until January of 2001. So what was Bush doing then? Bashing the Clinton administration on "vandalizing" Air Force One and allowing some campaign contributors to have a joy ride on a nuclear submarine that killed Japanese tourists.

Fox News has spent the last few days defending Wallace and calling him a non partisan journalist but Fox News thinks Britt Hume is non partisan despite the puff piece with Dick Cheney after he shot his friend in the face. They also have consulted their thesaurus to come up with every negative personality trait on Clinton as possible.

anyway I'm loving this because Clinton fights back and understands that you don't need to be polite to your enemies. If only Al Gore or John Kerry had taken some lessons.

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