Tuesday, September 26, 2006

FIRED! Again.

My first real post will deal with my inability to get a good job and an inability to sometimes keep a lousy job. Let me explain...

I had lived in Seattle for 14 years, I moved back to my home state to be with Scangirl who I met in Seattle. I had originally moved to Seattle to seek my fortune, ha ha but really lived much of my time as a slacker. Seattle was a great place to live. It's clean, mellow and ideal for me when I moved there in August of 1991. It was cheap at the time so I never had to give up my dream of being a cartoonist I only had to work part time. I always had trouble finding jobs in the art field when I moved there so I applied to a restaurant as a cook. I really thought it would be temporary, but ultimately it became my career because when the going got tough I always fell back to it.

As I said I met Scangirl in Seattle. After we dated briefly we went our separate ways until we met up again a month or so before she had decided to move back to our home state. We fell in love in that time so when she was gone, I missed her enough to want to move back too. My home state is a better market for graphic artists and my gang from art school PIC is here so I thought it was time to move back.

I pondered the idea for awhile but decided it was a good idea. I planned it out well, so I thought. I had three friends who designed t-shirts in the city and I would work with them. It would be fun, I would make money, and Scangirl and I would move in together and we would live happily for the foreseeable future.

Shortly after traveling cross country in a rented mini-van with my cat I arrived in my home state. I crashed with my parents in their new house in an "active" adults community. I went to the city to visit my friend pro, del and korn at their place of employment. Pro was the boss and he would hire me and I would make lots of money. But Pro had just moved himself to Madison, Wisconsin. I missed him by hours. Del was helpful, though, helpful in pointing out the fact that I had a way to go before I could hope to get employment in the graphic arts field. Months of applying to jobs online proved him right. Soooooooooo, I caved in finally and took a job in a restaurant in a shore town and endured a summer in a place whose business varied extremely depending on the weather. Since the summer ended it was a matter of time before my employment fate was determined. Since I wasn't "Cheap Labor" today was the day. The timing could have been better as Scangirl quit her job a mere two months after moving into a new apartment with a year long lease. It was not a good job by any measure but it paid the bills... And now.... Who knows.... We'll see.

At least I will have time to write the blog in the meantime.

Enjoy your day.


Al Nickerson said...

Hey Scan! Well, I'm glad you're back in the P.I.C. area! Hopefully, you'll be making lots of money soon. Good luck with the new blog. -Ink-Boy Al

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