Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tuesday Is My Favorite Day of The Week?

I currently have no days off from work these days. My schedule is weird. I work Monday through Friday at UPS in the evenings from 5ish to 10ish. I then work at TSA Thursday through Monday form 5AM 'til noon or one depending on my mood.

This leaves me with Saturday and Sunday afternoons to enjoy football, food and family. Still I have a hard time getting to bed early to get enough sleep.

This leaves me Tuesdays and Wednesdays as having the most free time. For some reason, I don't go out on Monday nights after work. I guess I'm too tired from one of the three days a week I work both jobs.

So that leaves Tuesday. I get to sleep in, which is a luxury these days. I allow myself to wake up really late. I relax by listening to the Stephanie Miller Show on I-tunes internet radio, cuz daytime TV is insanity except for the movies on TCM. I recommend the show for people who are left wing but have a sense of humor. She's great.

I then, take long walks around the Atlantic Highlands which reminds me of the Queen Anne area of Seattle but with the New Jersey creepiness that seems to permeate almost every town on the coast. There's a good mixture of housing types from old style mansions to decent looking ranches and Sears houses. Yeah, that sounds dull but I like architecture and this town has a variety of styles and various renovation ideas throughout.

Anyway, I work on my blog drinking my coffee before I head to work.

Work sucks but it has been keeping me in shape and what little money I make goes into my savings account. Like I said, some financial setbacks is keeping me from moving ahead in my life while I convince myself I wasn't a total idiot for moving back to Jersey.

Anyhow, after work, if it's early enough I go to Windmill at Long Branch and have a double burger that is very tasty. the weather has been nice, so the atmosphere is nostalgic. I then go to Jack's to do my karaoke. I have been doing well in singing, recently and doing well by other means, wink wink. And the beer is good.

The best part of Tuesday nights is I don't have to worry about where I spend the night. I don't have to get up a 3:30 to go to work. Now I have to find a place near me that does Karaoke on Mondays....

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