Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Roy Scheider

New Jersey born actor Roy Scheider passed away the other day. He is best known for being the police chief in the movie Jaws. He also is noted for his supporting actor Academy Award nomination in the French Connection.

But the movie I want to focus on is the movie 52 Pick-Up. It's a movie that came out after Roy had reached his peak. It's a thriller that features Ann Margret as his wife.

I have never seen the movie.

So, why am I talking about it?

Well, it was playing at the Gramercy movie theater on 23rd street NYC back in 1986. They had a large marquee that would have the movie's title done up in the style of the movie's logo. When the movie played its run, they would dispose of the sign outside the front of the theater.

When 52 Pick-Up ended its run its sign was outside in separate pieces. The 52 was in one piece and the PICK-UP sign was split in two. The PIC was one piece and the K-UP was the other. The typical college thing to do was to gather found items and put it in your room, I thought having a Movie marquee sign in my dorm room would be kinda neat. The problem was that I was on my way to class and I couldn't carry the whole sign to class. So I tried to figure out which part would be the best one. I felt the 52 was too dull and didn't like the font. K-Up was too vague, so I picked up the PIC and was on my way.

I took it back to my dorms, hung it up and was trying my best to come up with the appropriately witty words to fill out the acronym of PIC.

To this day I haven't done so.

I'm open to suggestions.


Al Nickerson said...

That's a great story, Scan. :)

Well, P.I.C. eventually did come up with a phrase to stand for the acronym of "P.I.C." which was "Perverts in College". And, as memory serves, Pro who came up with an acronym for post-college "P.I.C."… "Professionals in Careers". Yeah, I know, but we were all young and silly.

Al Nickerson said...

Scan, is the P.I.C. sign hanging up in your new place?

Scanman said...

yes it is

Scanman said...

I always said I didn't like the Perverts In College mainly because I felt I was the biggest perv in the bunch.

AlNickerson said...

Yeah, I wasn't crazy about "Perverts in College", either, but I think we were out-voted. :)

Steve Pro said...

I knew you would comment on Scheiders death (very sad) I immediately thought of the 52 Pic Up sign. Hey Perverts in College wasn't brilliant but fairly accurate. I don't feel it detracted from your perv status. How about Professional Illustrators & Cartoonist. Any way Thanks for Blogging about a wonderful actor, that one hit me. I don't comment often but I do visit your blog fairly regularly. It reminds me of sitting in Scan's Corner :-)

AlNickerson said...

Hey… Steve Pro’s right… it does feel like Scan’s Corner around here. Someone pass me the Sunday comics. :)

Steve Pro- You were the one who came up with "Professionals in Careers", correct?

AlNickerson said...

I LOVE "Professional Illustrators & Cartoonists." That is so brilliant. And so obvious. How come we didn’t think about that one years ago? Let’s have the P.I.C. elders vote on that as the new official acronym of "P.I.C.". It’s got my vote! :)

Scanman said...

You MoFs legitimize the name of this blog with your recent comments.

Scanman said...

Oh, Pro I like your acronym words especially in light of everyone's various successes in the fields.

Now, I need one for me since I haven't achieved success



PopStar Wannabee



I gotta stop letting ex's stinging words influence my moods


Too vague


That pretty good

Pipe Dreams


AlNickerson said...

Scan- You’ve worked as a professional cartoonist and illustrator in the past. You’re also the creator of Pipe Dreams… a mini-comic and webcomic (both of which are legitimate forms of comics). So, I certainly see that "Professional Illustrators & Cartoonists" is fitting for you. Besides P.I.C. should be inclusive. It’s meaning should represent all of us. As I see it, P.I.C. is certainly (as the saying goes) "all for one and one for all". I couldn’t be more honored than being associated with P.I.C. and it’s fine members. :)

AlNickerson said...

I sent an e-mail out to all of the P.I.C. elders concerning adopting "Professional Illustrators & Cartoonists". So far, the votes are 3 Yeas and 0 Nays. I suppose a majority vote approves the motion?

Go vote, Scan. :)

Steve Pro said...

Wow! Scan,
That's some funny $#!t you still got it. Hey who has Calvin and Hobbes? stop hoggin' the paper.

Steve Pro said...

How about Passionate Illustrators & Cartoonists?

AlNickerson said...

Well, I still like "Professional". "Passionate" sounds kinda gay. Scan remains a professional in my opinion. I’d rather read PIPE DREAMS than any other Marvel or DC comic (well, maybe except for CLANDESTINE. That Alan Davis is quite talented). :)

Scanman said...


Alan Davis is a hack!

Mooooo Thud!

Uh, I killed a sacred cow there

Sorry Al.

AlNickerson said...

Ok... so, Scan, let us know how ya really feel about "Professional Illustrators & Cartoonists".

Scanman said...

I do like those words for the PIC acronym. It fits, go with it.

AlNickerson said...

As I posted on the P.I.C. News blog:

Well, that’s four "Yea" votes for "Professional Illustrators & Cartoonists" being the new acronym for "P.I.C.". That’s a majority vote amongst the P.I.C. elders. So, this looks like a done deal, correct? I guess we’ll wait a bit to hear back from the three other fellas… just in case.

Steve Pro said...

yaaaaaaaaay! *ahem*
carry on.

AlNickerson said...

It's official. The old order changeth: