Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Video representaions

So I have been enjoying doing a weekly karaoke session at a place in Long Branch on Tuesdays. It has an enjoyable activity that has been lacking since I moved back to Jersey. It has a young crowd that's not creepy. Probably because it's a college crowd. Anyway, last week I sang three songs. These three songs are represented by these three clips.

The first song I sang was "Heroes and Villains" A weird Beach Boys song represented by a Brina Wilson clip form 2005. Beach Boys songs are hard with Karaoke mainly because it's hard to figure out what part of the harmonies are going to be represented by the words on the screen. I had not done the song before, so it was a challenge, a challenge I couldn't achieve I'm afraid.

The second song was one I've done many times,"Black Coffee In Bed". It's a song I do if I flop on previous songs. A "safe" song. I love the video of the song, very 80's, in a good way, unpretentious.

The third song I did was one I've been wanting to sing for a long time, "Laugh Laugh". I did not know the host had it and was excited about singing it. It's a song from the 60's by the Beau Brummels or as I knew them as a child, the Beau Brumstones from the Flintstones. I was hoping to find the Flintstones clip, but this typical 60's clip will do.

Enjoy the clips. This will be a regular feature.

I bet you can't wait.

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