Friday, November 09, 2007

Trying To Make Sense of Nonsense

What is this rather crude drawing on the left? Why, it is part of an unfinished comic strip I drew early in 1991. It was a set up to a rather lame gag that is only important to me in the fact that it set my life's goal in motion.

It hasn't worked out nearly as well as I hoped. But I am still at it. I am starting a series of blogs analyzing what I am trying to do with what I think is a rather good comic strip.

I will reveal what went into my creating the comic strip Pipe Dreams, and why I am still at it despite the fact that I haven't achieved my goals yet. Maybe this series of blogs will help give me exposure but one thing I know will happen, it will explain to people, including myself, why I continue to do it despite the fact it helped bring the end of at least three relationships,a and helped bring an employment history that is less than stellar.

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