Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm On a Roll...

I had sent my first set of strips out to the syndicates early in 1992. I had been influenced by both Calvin and Hobbes and Doonesbury. I was dating a girl named Donna. I was on top of the world.

I had not waited for my first set of comic strips to come back from the syndicates to work on my next set. For one thing, I thought I had rushed the first set too much just to get them done.

Still, I thought it was important to get them out there. To get feedback, to understand what I need to do to improve Pipe Dreams. I had continued to refine the character's looks. I made dirk less boorish and more like a beefy lug. Gritko's hair had a graphic look to it, I thought it had the potential to be iconic. I had Skat's glasses take on an impressionistic look. My second set of strips introduced 6 new characters, and two characters in previous one shots had expanded into part time characters.

Two of them never appeared after this set of strips, two others only infrequently.

I introduced Gentianne,

a character based on a friend from SVA. I didn't know what to do beyond the set of strips in my second set. I realized after I sent these in that I need to slow down on introducing new characters. However, one I introduced was dear to my heart and that was Anais. I really didn't base her on anyone in particular. I had wanted to make a contrasting female character to Rachel. Rachel, being a brunette, tall and slim would need someone who was blondish, short, and curvy. I had not quite refined her yet, her nose was not quite right.

These set of strips were better drawn, more confident than the first. The story lines were a little better, though I had yet to get out of the habit of doing long winded dialouge. I liked the way the strip was looking. I love the energy and the experimentation. I had a few storylines worked out that would be expanded greatly when I get syndicated.

Still, I had the wacky storyline with Skat's aunt coming back to life. I had the iheritence money angle as an excuse for Skat not to work. The ultimate slacker, as what was the sign of the times. I worked with a woman named Sue, who was a typical stereotype of the crusty waitresses. Her look was iconic enough that I thought it would be a good character. Her personality is much like a composite of at least three of my aunts.

When I was near finishing these set of strips I had gotten my first set of rejections back from the major syndicates. Unfortunately, they were of generic nature giving no clue to what I need to do to improve.

No matter, I was on a roll. This would be the set of strips to get me syndicated, I know it. I just wish the first strip they would see wasn't this lame one...

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