Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Dumb memes

Some people have a hard time with what President Obama said in regards to doing things by themselves. Even taken out of context it's the truth. Especially when it comes to Mitt Romney. Born rich to a man who would not have been rich if it wasn't for the government taking the initiative top build roads for the auto industry that made Mitt's dad rich.

And let's look at the cartoon. It doesn't even mention government.

Listen you brat, It was your Dad's money that helped you built your lemonade stand, You didn't develop the plastic vessels that make sure your lemonade is contained. You didn't grow the lemons nor did you process the sugar that make up your lemonade. You didn't grow the trees that make up your pathetic stand nor did you forge the nails that barely hold it together. And that water? Clean fresh water thanks to the government that didn't bow down to private sector's demand to drill into an aquifer to mine it for nefarious purposes and poisoned it.

So you foul mouth runt, You just be thankful for all the help you got and don't get your nappies in a bunch because some man wiser than you speaks the truth.

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