Monday, July 09, 2012

Dumb Memes That Get Around

Being on facebook gets you familiar with friends old and new and their peculiar interests and points of view. Some times people point out their political point of view. Some are informed opinions, Others are funny zingers, still others are hateful rants with false information and still others are just dumb that makes no point other than that some people REALLY hate President Obama.

This one is in the fourth category.

"Barack Ollama". This one got posted by a guy who I grew up with in my redneck hometown. He linked it from "Can a Goat Get More Fans than Barack Obama?". Okay why a site named after a goat (?) would put Barack Obama as a LLAMA, I dunno. He thinks it's clever?

What's the joke? President Obama is a llama? Tell me why it's funny other than the old time style racist "humor" of demeaning black folks as animals?

"Oh it's not racism, I didn't compare him to a monkey!"


This is typical of the rampart racism that racists like to to pretend is not racism that has exploded since President Obama took office. It's a pathological hatred that goes way beyond typical partisan bickering. People getting way too upset about things that they didn't care about before he took office. Like the deficit, that is less than Bush's record high, tax rates that haven't gone up, and guns that haven't been taken away. It don't matter. As long as they can blame Obama, It don't matter that the facts say otherwise.

But this picture is so dumb. I guess they think it's a pun on his last name but it offers no harsh truth of his character or style. A llama?

I don't get it.

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