Tuesday, September 08, 2009

West Coast Objectives.

Well, I ready to go to Seattle, Portland and San Fransisco the next 7-8 days. It's an odd feeling. It was my home for 14 years but I have no family connections and no really close friends connection. It's not a traditional vacation spot and I'm taking an approach to the trip similar to the one I took when I was a young buck nearly twenty years ago. I like adventures, so it's gonna be cheap motels and long train trips. Perhaps I'll ride around in rented Vespa, or a bicycle. That would be fun.

But I'm gonna have to rely on serendipity. I will visit some of my old stomping grounds. A stop at 5-Spot, Karaoke at Ozzie's, and perhaps a movie at some of the excellent movie theaters there. Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with some people who I'm not in contact with. Who knows. Not knowing is part of the adventure. I have grabbed the phone numbers of people I know from Facebook from their home page, so if I don't run into them I'll give them a call.

Basically, I'm gonna take in the aura of the city. I'll see if it is still a city I want to transfer to in the year 2010. Many people had left Seattle at the same time I left and has since moved back. That's a good sign. Several friends from high school have moved there since i left and they love it. Not easy to do with an east coast native.

I'll want to visit Portland on the way to San Francisco. How long is the only question. Do I want to spend less than 2 hours or do I want to stay overnight and take in the town? I know no one who lives there. Still, It's a very beautiful city, a small scale Seattle with awesome fountains.

Then I plan to take the train, maybe a (ugh) bus to San Fransisco and hopefully see an old friend and take in a Giants baseball game in their awesome privately built ballpark. (How about that for the most liberal city in the country?)The main goal there is to buy ice cream in a mini-helmet to add to my collection of them from all the ballparks I've been to. I'm up to six. I need more, more!

Maybe I'll do Karaoke when I'm down there. If the moon will have me.

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