Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Vacation! All I Ever Wanted?

I don't do vacations well. Not since I was 18 years old have I had what would be called the quintessential vacation. I have gone on many a trip, weddings and had my share of fun but I wouldn't call what I've experienced in my adulthood a vacation.

During my art school years I felt were the best times of my life. I was in NYC in the late 80's and it was a blast, so I guess that could be called a vacation life. I had some nothing years, making little money for the two years after I graduated SVA. One of my jobs was working as a livery driver part time. I picked up people from the airport and drove them back and forth to their homes and businesses. This made me a little jealous. Not that I couldn't afford it, but that I never can find the right time and NEVER can find someone to go with me. I've talked to my customers and one in particular inspired me to move to Seattle.

I anticipated taking lots of trips on the west coast and Alaska and Hawaii. Soon, after I moved to Seattle, I obtained a passport in the possible pursuit of European travel. Needless to say in my 14 years of living in Seattle I didn't get to use my passport and never visited the 49th or 50th state.

The main reason is that in my pursuit of my trying to get Pipe Dreams syndicated I was never able to obtain a decent paying job. I would get jobs that sustained me but it wouldn't afford me any decent vacation. Besides, I had to make an annual trip to Jersey to visit the folks. But that's not a vacation, that's embracing comfort.

So I had to settle for less than the quintessential American vacation. Now when I was in a 6 year relationship I did some little excursions to Portland and Vancouver. Now, a visit to the Tri-Cities might be interesting if you're a history buff and were curious where "Project Manhattan" originated. Yes, nothing like a former nuclear site for a vacation. We did find time to take a trip down the west coast in 1995. It was fun but hardly what I would call a vacation. I still regret that we didn't stop off in Santa Rosa, the home of Charles Schulz and visit his studio and ice skating rink.

Now, a friend of mine had moved to San Fransisco, which is an easy plane trip from Seattle. I visited him a few times and that was fun but it was only for a few days and I crashed at his place. That doesn't count as a vacation. I would go back to Jersey to visit the folks, go to weddings and see old friends. It's fun, but it's not a vacation.

When I got back to Jersey I took a trip with my girlfriend at the time to Charleston, South Carolina. It was to attend a wedding of someone I barely knew but I had fun. But it was a weekend trip, not a vacation.

During the rest of the relationship, I didn't make enough money and I didn't put enough time at the job to take any vacations. It didn't stop my ex from taking trips to Seattle, Hawaii, and Vegas twice, once without even telling me!!! At that point I had enough money to take a trip and I wanted to with my girlfriend but the relationship was over. She used up all her time and I couldn't trust her anymore. So she left before the lease was up and I burned through all my savings paying her share of it. So, no vacation.

When I finally got a decent paying job in 2007, I made it a point to save for a vacation but between having a car accident and buying a new car along with repairs, I had to wait until this year to take a vacation.

But a problem I have is I have no idea how to do a vacation. I'm not with anyone right now, so I wouldn't have a companion. A friend of mine was talking about doing a trip to the west coast to see an old school mate. I hesitated and said I could do it in September. However in my need to move and the money I expended in the move, I waited to the last minute to set it up so I'm doing it by myself.

I can do trips by myself but I am somewhat limited in ideas on what to do and where to go. So, I will make it a point to see my Seattle friends, go to Portland and make a stop in San Fransisco. But while I'm there....well I guess I'll get to that when I arrive.

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Joe Borzotta said...

ALot depends on where you're going. If its a US city, just do some googling and you'll find plenty of things to do. I usually make a list of sights I want to see (museums, historical, etc), art galleries, funky things, and restaurants and bars- then I have a rough itinerary. You're a baseball fan, maybe catch a game! If you want to travel abroad, it's not a bad idea to go with a group because all your lodgings, travel, etc are taken care of. Plus there are people to hang with. Alot of art colleges have alumni trips like this, and you can go even if you're not alumni. I went to Italy this way in '90 with about a dozen artists, and it was fantastic. I have other tips, Scan, if you want them give me a ring.