Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They're Not Even Rotating The Beer Taps

Well, I went out last night, looking good, the hair was in its perfect unkemptness, only to find that Mad Hatters was filled with the regulars I don't care for, bartenders who don't want to sell beer, and some borderline homophobes that may not have taken to my state of dress. Still, I need something to do on my nights off before I move from the Jersey Shore come August. So Karaoke night here I come.

I like the selection of songs that the KJ has but I was hoping he would put out some updated songs. Didn't matter, I knew I had time to look for songs.

First song is "Oooh Child" by the Five Stairsteps. I love this song so much. It's one of my earliest memory of hearing songs from the radio. Most younger people know this song from the movie "Boyz N The Hood" So that means I usually get a good response to it, and i do it pretty well. The clip of the song is so vintage early 70's. Live, it has a raw sound that gives new life to the song.

Ooh Child

So, I was in a Jethro Tull mood, in particular the song "Too Old To Rock and Roll..." but he didn't have it so I settled for "Living In The Past." I say "settled" because although the song is great, it has too many long flute interludes which is a drag when you are up there to sing. "Tequila" and "The Hustle" would be the biggest offenders.

The clip of Jethro Tull is for some reason a mixture of vintage Tull singing and updated footage of Ian Anderson playing his flute. Of course I prefer the older footage. It's a really good song.

Living in the Past

Another song with a long intro was the third song I sang. I saw "Adventureland" and loved it, a postcard of a past I'm somewhat familiar with. the soundtrack was a mixture of cheesy and cool songs from the decade of the 80's. "Don't Change" from INXS ended the movie on a feel good mode. I was a big fan of INXS back in the day. I am a natural baritone so it fits me well. No one really knew the song so the reaction was mellow. I love the video of "Don't Change" because it's simple and was a mainstay on MTV in its early days.

Don't Change

A really great singer came into Mad Hatters toward the end of the night, so that made me go in showoff mode. I chose "Delta Lady" by Joe Cocker because it fits me like a glove when my voice gets rough. I got a good response surprisingly because I thought no one would know the song. The footage of Joe Cocker looks like it's from a movie that is not "Woodstock" from 1970. It's typical of the time, multiple shots side by side.

Delta Lady

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