Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rip Off?

I'm not a fan of the comic strip F-Minus. It's one of the many comic strips that came out in the times I was submitting my own comic strips to syndicates. It is one of the many that I feel is inferior to mine, particularly, Pipe Dreams.

Jealousy may be part of the equation, but really, It's stiffly drawn and rarely has any good gags. When it does rise above mediocrity it seems familiar. He got lucky and newspapers are collapsing since it was syndicated. Recently, this strip was published.

Guess what, When I was being published in the cult newspaper, the Seattle Scroll I did this strip in 1997. The setting is practically the same. The joke a little more involved but I can rightly say that I have been plagiarized. What do you think?

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