Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted For McCain.....

...in the 2000 Republican primary. You see, Washington state had open primaries. That allows you to vote in whatever primary you chose. In 2000 the Democrats had Bill Bradley and Al Gore. I liked both, didn't see much of a difference between them but felt that if the Republicans were to win I didn't want it to be another Bush.

Funny, they weren't talking about Bush/Clinton fatigue back then.

Washington stopped the open primaries mainly because they feared the mischief of people from one party voting for the other party's worst candidate in hopes to sabotage the election.

Well, If I had done that I would have voted for Bush because clearly he was the worst Republican candidate. I want a chance to be somewhat comfortable if the other party wins. that didn't happen in 2000. The John McCain of 2008 is not that guy anymore. He once was a "Maverick", he was a thorn to the likes of Bush in the previous century. It was sad to see him stand up for Bush in this century, especially when the Bush policies clearly failed.

Anyway, I voted today. I noticed that I have voted in a different district each time I voted for president.

In 1988, I voted in my old elementary school in Flanders, New Jersey. I was one of the few registered Democrats voting that day and I unenthusiastically voted for Dukakis.

In 1992, I voted in a church in the U-District of Seattle. I proudly voted for Bill Clinton and was happy with the results.

In 1996 I voted in a church activity room in Federal Way, WA with a former girlfriend. It was late in the evening and I had already seen that Bill Clinton was winning big time so I voted for Ralph Nader as a protest against Clinton's wishy washyiness with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". I was happy he won, it was vindication for 1994.

In 2000, I was registered cross town an went to vote in another church. It was after work but I didn't look at the results until after I voted and stayed up til 3am to see no results. I voted Al Gore and was surprised by the fact he won the popular vote. I got fired the day he conceded the election. The fact that all my bosses and co-workers were big Bush supporters was only a coincidence.

In 2004 I was back living in Seattle in Queen Anne. I voted early with a relish. It was at a Senior citizen center up the block from me. I voted John Kerry and was confidant he was going to win big time.


...Anyway, I went to work, was close to the bar TV. My 5-Spot co-workers and I were watching the results, shocked at the fact that John Kerry lost.

Today I voted for Obama (duh) at a senior citizen center at the Atlantic Highlands Marina. In 2008 I will vote somewhere else. Will this kid ever settle down?

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