Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh, This Is Rich

I don't do too much politics on the blog because I don't want to alienate people too much. However this is too good to pass up.

Republicans have relegated President Bush to a brief, offsite cameo at their national convention tonight. Not surprising these days due to his unpopularity. But this is the good part. They instead have former Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman speaking prime-time in hopes of getting independent voters to vote for John McCain.

Now, first of all Joe Lieberman is dull as a box of rocks and probably a main reason why Al Gore didn't win with enough votes to forgo any Republican challenge to the 2000 election results.

Second, when both sides were challenging the Florida votes, many angry voters from the right held up signs that said Sore/Loserman, a "witty" play on words of the names Gore/Lieberman.

You see the "Loserman" refers to the former Democrat Joe Lieberman. And he's speaking tonight at the Republican convention.

Yeah, that's a winning strategy.

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