Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Videos

Now that Christmas is near, here's a group of rock videos from acts who did Christmas songs.

Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time" is a lightweight sonng not nearly up to the impact of John Lennon's "Happy Xmas(War Is Over)" but has grown on me in recent years. A cute video from the late era of Wings.

This video is "Father Christmas" by the Kinks. It rocks really well and has been a modern annual standard on classic rock stations.

The next two videos are identical, except towards the end when the lead sing is revealed. It's Hall and Oates doing "Jingle bell Rock" Both Oates and Hall take lead in each of the videos. This used to be on MTV a lot in the early days. Oates cracks me up, his facial expressions are a hoot.

Speaking of the early days of MTV. Billy Squier sings his Christmas hit "Christmas is the Time To Say I Love You" with the whole gang of MTV's early days including all the original VJs. I wonder if anyone in the crowd became a media mogol.

Next up is Slade's "Merry Christmas Everybody" They didn't hit it big in America, but was very popular in Britain. This song rocks a real treasure.

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