Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some Fun Stuff on YouTube!

Like many people I am a fan of the site YouTube. I really can't stand most of the homemade ones with few exceptions. I am a fan of the old promo clips of music acts from the 60's and 70's. Especially the British tv shows.

Recently I saw a clip to a Beatles recording in the studio circa 1968. The footage was used as a promo for Lady Madonna. It turns out they were actually recording "Hey Bulldog" an obscure but great song from the Yellow Submarine soundtrack. Someone was able to match the footage to the vocals and came up with this clip, which is believed to be the last time the Beatles recorded together without acrimony.

Another great clip is a favorite act of mine, Marc Bolan of T-Rex doing a song from his movie "Born To Boogie" An alternative version of "Children of The Revolution" featuring Elton John and Ringo Starr. Awesome!

A well done homemade clip is one I've watched more than any other. It's a "battle" of well known album covers over the years. It's very Terry Gillian during his Monty Python days. How many of these albums do you own?

Man, this is a wild clip from the 60's. It's the Rolling Stones appearing on Ready Steady Go in 1966 and it features the host and Brian Jones lip syncing to "I Got You Babe"

I search YouTube constantly for vintage 70's clips of the Beach Boys. It's my favorite period of the group. A great rocker song of this period is "You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone" The clip is great because it shows the temporary lineup featuring Blondie Chaplin and Rikky Fataar from south Africa and a guest appearance by Daryl Dragon a.k.a. the Captain of Captain and Tenille. Also, I get a kick seeing Mike Love trying to do something when he's not the lead vocalist. He wears weird clothes even for the 70's and his beard! HAHA

Oh my God! This clip of Stevie Wonder performing "Superstition" is too awesome, however the clip is of lesser quality that was posted before on YouTube. The removal of vintage footage has begun. Damn you Children's Television Workshop! Enjoy it anyway.

And two by the Sweet, my favorite song from the group "Fox On the Run" and "Ballroom Blitz"
See them while you can because there was others that I wanted to highlight that are no longer available.

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Al Nickerson said...

YouTube is a lot of fun. The "Hey BullDog" video is awesome!

I just discovered a new band called Casting Crowns. They have a wonderful song titled, "Who Am I" on YouTube. Here’s a video clip of a live performance of "Who Am I". The performance starts at 4:37. The beginning of the video is the band discussing their ministry. Enjoy…