Friday, February 09, 2007

How Depressing


Baseball is my refuse from the evil that is politics. I still like to admire heroes of the sport despite the fact that almost every baseball player is younger than me.

I like to lose myself in baseball and not worry about the world. Every once in awhile reality intrudes, like when September 11th ruined the joy of watching the Seattle Mariners dominate the American League that year. It made me feel guilty for rooting for the Mariners against the New York Yankees in the playoffs that year. I was living in Seattle at the time and was a fan of the team when I lived there.

My favorite team however is the New York Mets. Two of my favorites these days are David Wright and Jose Reyes. So, I was disturbed at seeing David Wright smiling with the evil George Bush. And like when conservatives get upset when their favorite actors are revealed to be liberal activists, I get bummed out finding out how many athletes are conservatives. It makes sense in a way, conservatives feel any worldly awards are a gift from God. Athletes are born with skills that give them fame. They feel they earned their natural born abilities and thus look at those who struggle at life deserve what they get.

Oh well...

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