Sunday, January 14, 2007

Today Life Begins...

...because today I turn 40. God, I knew I would see this day but man am I disappointed in how things have gone in my life and in America, especially in New Jersey since I first speculated about the future. The idea that an idiot like George W would be president not one term but two! The fact that cars do not get 70 mpg, while having the power of a truck, speaking of which, what the hell happened to humanity that they would favor SUVs and trucks? Do we want to be tagged as ignorant. Probably, because that was the electorate's gripe about Al Gore, and John Kerry. Too smart, we would rather have a beer with an alcoholic who challenges his dad to fight mano y mano.

And, innovations? I thought housing would be more centrally planned. A town center with housing and commerce for all the people, near public transportation. The onle places that come close are wildly expensive high rises. McMansions continue to be built and still lack any kind of charm or appeal. Traffic getting worse, highways still ugly, charmless box stores replacing equally charmless malls. Even Manhattan is starting to look like a mall, having less reason to visit.

Sigh! Anyway here's a new cartoon!



Al Nickerson said...

Happy Birthday, Scan! Happy Sunday, too. :)

Loved today's strip. Very funny. When are ya going to print out some new Pipedreams?

I'm sorry you're so glum about life. All is well here at stately Nickerson manor. I'm going to be inking JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED soon.

I'll keep praying for ya, buddy. :D

Scanman said...

Boy, I recall that day. A co-worker died that day and I had to work 12 hours. Better birthdays I've had.