Monday, November 14, 2011

Dislike Button

One of the more notable features of facebook is the "like" button. Post a picture, a link, a video, or a statement and if one of your friends think it's cool you press like and there you have it, social networking.

There has been a call to put a "dislike" button feature on facebook. People who advocate for it would use it if someone posts the death of a loved one, the loss of a game of a favorite team, and a posted statistic that suggests we're in trouble.

More likely the "dislike" button would be used in bad taste. Or if a political view that is the opposite of yours. I think I can predict what postings I would put up that would get a "dislike".

1. A YouTube link to Olivia Newton John and other guilty pleasures.

2. My criticism of reality shows.

3. A post from the Daily Show that makes fun of Republicans.

4. A posting that shows my gratification in the Yankees, Patriots, or Lakers losing.

5. A post supporting immigrant rights.

6. A posting that says ANYthing positive about President Obama

7. An unintentional sexist joke, post, or link.

8. This post.

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