Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a bit gross, I know.

Sometimes I let my laziness and loneliness get the best of me. I don't do laundry for about three weeks, I don't clean up a lot and things get piled up around here. I do the minimum to get by at times because I'm not trying to impress anybody because no one comes by here.

Case in point: a few weeks ago, I spilled popcorn kernels in my kitchen. It fell all over the place. On the floor, On my stove and in my sink. I vacummed the kernels from the floor and stove but a few kernels were still stuck in my drain and I was too lazy (or forgetful) to dig it out. So, some time goes by, I allow the weather, My minor ankle injury and my poor mood to excuse myself from getting back to it.

Anyway, Today, I finally got off my ass to clean my place including looking at my sink drain. I saw some strands of something that I couldn't immediately identify. It looked like bean sprouts which would be weird because I don't eat that stuff. I looked closer and wouldn't you know it, It was sprouting from the leftover corn kernels. I was growing life in my sink drain.

Yeah, I'm a mess.

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