Thursday, June 16, 2011


The Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Now that doesn't really mean much to me. I'm not a hockey fan and I wouldn't root for the Bruins if I did follow hockey. However in winning the Stanley Cup, the Bruins complete The Boston championship circle in the four major team sports in the US. And they have done in a period of less than a decade. No other town can make that claim. Not even New York with its 7 teams (9 if you include the Devils and Nets) in the four sports can make that claim.

Think about it. At one time the Boston area was a hard luck city when it came to sports. Some sad history has hit the town for decades with the exception of basketball and starting with the death of Len Bias in 1986, The Celtics even went through a long period of hard times.

Okay, Not many cities have all four sports in them. Right now, It's only New York, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco Bay, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Detroit, Minneapolis, Dallas, Miami, Denver, and until last week Atlanta.

Of all these cities only New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago and Miami have championships in all four sports. New York needed to have more than four teams to do it. Washington did it in baseball with a team that's in Minnesota now. But no has come close to having all four sports with a championship in such a short period of time as Boston.

Think about it. In 2001, Boston hadn't had a championship in ANY sport in well over a decade. But starting in 2002, The hard luck football Patriots won their first Super Bowl after many humiliating losses in the event. They would go on to win several more times. The baseball Red Sox had gone 86 years without a championship but finally broke through in 2004. The Celtics came back to their classic form with a championship in 2008. Now after 39 years the Bruins win. Talk about a town with bragging rights.

Now, With the Bruins as champions, Which of the four Boston sport teams has gone the longest without a championship?

Believe it or not, It's the New England Patriots who haven't won since 2005.

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