Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Year To Remember?

Ahhhh, the end of the year. 2010. Wass it a good year? In some ways. I meant a group of people who I like to hang out with on a regular basis. I found fun to be had in Jersey City. I go to the city a lot when it suited me. I enjoyed my 25th high school reunion. Work wasn't as much fun but late in the year I had a favorable schedule. However, the summer was brutal. My heat was too hot for my liking in my current place. Didn't achieve much in the female companionship department. Some other things didn't pan out either.

So, No real triumphs or tragedies of note in the year. So what made 2010 stand out for me? It was the year I got old...

You see I have a theory about aging. We all go through the process in various ways and at various speeds. However I have a theory that each of us at times age quickly in spurts and then maintain our appearance for a longer period of time. 2010 was the year I went through this spurt.

It's happened before in my life. In 1994, I gained weight even though I ate about the same amount (less even) and exercised. About 2002, I noticed my hair was thinning a little and that I was getting a little more gray than usual. 2010 on the other hand age hit me in many more ways. I gained a little weight this year but more importantly I had lost my ability to lose any weight in ways that worked for me in the past. My hair had gained a lot more gray this year but even more disturbing there was no getting around the fact that my hair was thinning a lot on top in a weird spot that would have to be described as bald.

Sigh. How am I gonna get the ladies now? Balding, graying, thick and add to that I'm probably gonna need bifocals the next time I get a new prescription. I always need to remove my glasses to read closeup.

Oh me, Oh my. In 1994, I could no longer pass myself as a kid. In 2002, I reached the point where I can no longer be at a physical peak and in 2010 I could no longer pass myself off as an up and comer, officially in middle age.

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