Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things I Need

I'm sitting here in my hot apartment knowing that I need to get an AC but I have other priorities that I have put on the back burner. Cheapness usually triumphs over comfort. They are as follows:

1.A New Computer: My Mac is 5 years old and has definitely seen better days. Mostly the problem is that Apple makes sure that you have to upgrade frequently. You can upgrade in one way only to find you need to upograde another way and then all of a sudden something that WAS working no longer functions (Photoshop6) If I buy a new computer I would have to put off moving to Seattle for even longer than my current plan to move in 2011.

2.A New Bicycle: My bike is over 8 years old and still works fine but is a little sluggish. A new bike would give me two in total, But I don't like clutter and I AM cheap in that I like to run things completely in the ground before I get a new thing. This is easier to do than buying a new computer when I can easily afford to buy a new bike if something unexpected happens. Meanwhile the roads here are treacherous enough for me to want to not ruin a new bike.

3. A New Office Chair: I broke my main sitting chair that I bought from a thrift store that replaced my favorite office chair I broke because I leaned too far back. I still need to get another chair but the one I bought today is quite good and a great deal. Dream chair: An Areon.

4. A Flat Screen TV: Nahhhh, I haven't been too impressed in picture quality and many of the current models haven't been consistent in the framing of the image. A lot of distortion. Mine works fine but now gets cut off on the sides when I watch a HDTV channel.

5. A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!: Well, A brand used car. My car is okay, I never was a car guy, But I want a smaller car than my Hyundai Elantra. A mini or a Scion Squaremobile is on my wish list. Someday.

6.And An Air Conditioner: I am not an AC guy. I'm not a wimp when it comes to heat but I like circulating air with a fan and my windows open but recently the weather in Jersey has been brutal even though Global Warming doesn't exist!! The humidity and the 90+ temperature has made it almost a necessity. However I have the least ideal place for AC. Too many drafts, Windows not suited for AC, and an inefficient sized place for coverage. If I can somehow find a suitable portable one I might consider.

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