Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Only Way To Travel!

Hey Mets and Yankees fans!

You're going to the game but you don't want to drive and the weather is too nice to take the subway? There's another option Take the Water Taxi. It's a FREE option for going to the baseball game courtesy of Delta Airlines. There is only one trip per game, an hour and half before game time launching from Pier 11 in Manhattan.

I went on it last night before the Mets win. It was great. The evening was beautiful and the views of Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens from a different angle is enlightening. One of the best views is the massive traffic backups that inspires empathy.

It sails under all the main bridges on the East River, the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, 59th, and Triborough. It sails by Roosevelt, Rikers, and Randalls Island on its way to Flushing Bay for Mets games.

Beer is available on board along with snacks and a gaggle of Mets fans made the trip fun. Even the what I felt were too many Phillies fans couldn't spoil the trip.

The tickets are free unless you get it online. Get it early near Pier 11 because they fill up fast. I got lucky, I didn't get a ticket but I was early on standby and was able to get on.

The one drawback?

There's no free return trip. Oh well, That's what the 7 line is for.

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