Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Day in New York City 2009.

There is one thing I like to do and that is to visit New York City right before Christmas. I hadn't done it the last two years because of my money and job situation. I did my usual announcement of of the blue that caught everyone off guard hence I was only able to meet up with my friend Martin. This worked out well though because it gave me ample opportunity to do what the heck I want to do.

I started by going to Macy's. I did the ol' toy and Christmas thing and enjoyed taking in the atmosphere of old school department stores wooden escalators included.

After that I bought a Peter Bagge comic book and ate lunch with Martin at an old school coffee shop. Since it was after noon, I had a beer.

After leaving Martin I toured an old Episcopalian church and took in the old school ambiance. I then did the usual Lord and Taylor's window display but added the experience of actually going into the store itself. It reminded me why I never shop there.

I continued to walk up 5th Avenue as per tradition and wandered into the main branch of the NYC library. They didn't have much in shows at the moment but they did have a nice tree display.

Behind the library lies Bryant Park. They have recently set up a Christmas tradition of store similar to Europe's Christkindlmarkts and a skating rink called the Pond. I haven't skated in nearly twenty years but I was game. I really enjoyed my time on the ice. I can skate a little but I still haven't learned to stop properly. I drank some beer by the warmth of the fire outside in a bar called the Southwest.

I was buzzed when I wandered to Grand Central Station and it's laser display on the ceiling. there is a transit museum that my nephew Sean would love to see if he ever gets the chance.

I wandered into the former Pan Am building and enjoyed a choir of high school students. I did the Rockefeller Center and went into my SECOND church of the day. St. Patricks of course.

I wandered up 5th ave. to FAO Schwartz took in the toys and did Blooimingdales when my feet finally got too tired.

I then went home. I was fortunate that day to not have to wait long for the bus.

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