Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mini Rant

What's the deal with people who back their cars into parking spaces? How is that better and more efficient than just driving into the parking space and backing out of the space?

Now I know many of the people who do this own mini-vans and Freaked out SUVs with tinted windows and think that it's safer to back in first and drive out forward. They say that it's because they can't see when they back out into an area that is far larger than a tight parking space. Yeah, that makes sense.

No one, And I mean no one has ever back into a marked parking space successfully the first time. When I'm behind some one who backs into a space, I'm guaranteed to wait twice as long waiting for them. Must do a number on their car if it's stick shift.

Now, I understand the appeal of driving forward out of a parking space. I try to find two parking spaces end to end where I can drive in and drive out. Easy in and easy out.

The other day though, I saw some one who was driving around the parking lot. She drove through the two parking spaces only to drive out and yes, BACK into the space that was next to the one she went through! She took THREE times to successfully back her SUV into the space.

Yeah, I spend too much time being baffled by people's behavior.

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