Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kreepy Karaoke

I love the karaoke, especially if I'm lucky to find a place where I feel comfortable. But then there are the places I've been that are this side of creepy especially in Jersey. One place is one I go to on Wednesdays. I won't mention its name, but suffice to say I don't go there much these days.

For one, the beer taps are screwed up, warm beer comes out as has been coming out for over a year. When it's Guinness it's acceptable to be less than frosty cold but not with other beer.

They also have the most rude staff with one exception, and if she's not working, well I night as well slam a shovel against my face.

The patrons are old school "professional drunks" without enough karaoke junkies to ignore their presence. It's their bar and I'm reminded of it every time I go in.

The host is a nice guy with the worst breath in the world and he likes to get in your face when he talks to you. He has a good collection of songs but the most haphazard way of displaying them. Each book has a different selection.

Why was I there? Well, I didn't get a chance to do it on Tuesday because the Mad Hatters was doing a St. Patrick thing, which I would have done but there was too many people in cheap green t-shirts and plastic bowlers. I've never been into a huge crowd being served beer in plastic cups. So I had to have my karaoke fix.

The creepy place gives me ample opportunities to sing, anywhere from 4 to 10 times a night. It's a good place to practice but gets boring because there isn't enough people there to wow. It's like renting a room to sing with a small group. Okay, but not thrilling. I sang 7 times last night. I was anywhere from pretty crappy to damn good, but it didn't matter. I was bored.

Anyway here are the songs I sang:

The Cars "Let The Good Times Roll"

George Harrison "Give Me Love"

Paul Revere and the Raiders

Gordon Lightfoot "Sundown"

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