Monday, March 26, 2007

Commercials I Hate Part 1

In my decades long struggle to figure out what I want to do with my life, I have had ideas on what to do as a comedy routine about annoying commercials. I wouldn't include low budget commercials, I only talk about the commercials that were created by large ad agencies, that get paid tons of money and wonder "is this what they come up with?" The following is one of those commercials. It's for a Suzuki product.

One thing I hate about most car commercials is that they always show them, off-road going speeds that are illegal and tearing about nature for what purpose? This commercial takes it a step further. A Suzuki motorcycle speeds along on one side of the screen and a Suzuki SUV is tearing it up on the other side of the screen. quick edits go back and forth and finally the two vehicles meet with a "hot" woman stepping off the motorcycle and a dull man comes out of the SUV, exchange keys and "witty" banter about whether they can handle the other's vehicle. and they speed off to whence they came.

Reasons I hate this commercial

1. Comparing the thrill of a motorcycle to an SUV? Especially one with so many comfort extras, it's like driving a lazy boy is absurd.

2. I find hard bodied women so unsexy. Her body is toned like a teenaged stud boy. She certainly is more masculine than the man.

3. Where are they coming from? I'm a stickler for those unquestioned details, but if they are joyriding in the desert, whose property are they trespassing on? Do they own the property? How shallow is their existence? And can they crash into each other next time to do us all a favor?

4. I could not get a good look at the product, so I have no idea if it's a product worth pursuing. It's black.

Anyway, I figure commercials will still be available on Youtube in the future, so look forward, (yikes) to more of this.

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