Monday, December 18, 2006

A Right Wing Duck Can Only Fly In Circles

I was watching one of my favorite shows The Colbert Report the other day when it was brought to my attention that Indiana native Bruce Tinsley was arrested for DWI. It was the second drunk related arrest in recent months for Mr. Tinsley. Who is Bruce Tinsley? Why, the creator of one of the lamest comic strips to ever come down the pike, Mallard Fillmore.

How lame is Mallard Fillmore? Let me count the ways...

1. He's a typical conservative who always uses strawmen to prove the evils of liberals

2. He's a physical rip off of Howard The Duck without being funny

3. The art is borderline awful especially when it comes to caricatures, witness Jon Stewart in the following strip.

4. He's incoherent at times in expressing his right wing views to the point where you wonder how did he get from point A to point B in this arguement.

5.This link has a list of characters that apparently appear in the strip but if you are reading through the archives you will go through hundreds of strips before you see more than two of the characters featured on the page.

6. The list of characters suggest that it is a narrative strip that has story lines but alas it is usually a picture of the duck looking at us lecturing about the evils of the NEA, Social Security, eggnog and of course Affirmative Action.

7. Speaking of Affirmative Action, the origin of the comic has Mallard Fillmore looking for work, we are to relate to him as a self starter because he just got fired from a newspaper and he will get a new job by persistence, pounding the pavement, he makes a judgement call saying he was lowering his standards by going into television as opposed to print media. So, the guy who would hire him thinks he's not qualified enough for the job but hires him because as a duck he's considered a minority and therefore is hired to fill that quota. Does Mallard refuse the job out of principles for his stance against Affirmative Action? Of course not!

8. He's spends most of his time sitting in front of his television without any pants on. He never seems to be doing his job as a journalist.

I have more reasons why Mallard Fillmore is lame but I'm taking too much time as it is, suffice to say I can't really call Bruce Tinsley a hypocrite for his drunkeness as this strip below shows. I can experience schadenfreude all I want but really I just wish the strip was funny and makes me challenged on my liberal views. hope you get help Bruce.

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